Krabi is considered one of the most beautiful provinces of Thailand. The main symbols of the region are considered to be the limestone cliffs displaying amazing nature. The Andaman Sea coast is washed by the clear turquoise waters, the type which stops the heart, and you find it difficult to believe that it is you who stands here right now.


It is not only famous for the beauty of nature, it is a place where the locals add so much to the atmosphere. People who discover Krabi many years ago have become part of the community and co-exist peacefully with the locals to share experiences and traditions.


Up to a few years ago it was a place where tourists only stopped for a few days before embarking on boat trips to the many tropical islands, but now it has become a full-fledged beach resort location that attracts people who love Eco-tourism.


The main visitors of Krabi are people with families, the elderly, as well as creative individuals.


The popular resort of Ao Nang provides lots of good restaurants, which are calculated for different tastes and financial possibilities. Like any resort in Thailand, there is a sufficient number of shops with clothes and souvenirs, bars with live music, massage salons and spas.


Over the past few years Krabi has opened several new international schools, a new private hospital, shopping malls and soon a large sports arena which will be running international competitions and events. Making Krabi more recognizable and developed.


 Krabi is a place where one can start a new life and devote more time to the pleasures of life.


In order that you can feel and experience it for yourself, we invite you to visit. The Krabi Villa Company will gladly help you organize your stay to make it as comfortable as possible.



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